COVID-19 lock down statement


26 February 2021


Good Day,

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for placing orders and making payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For international customers outside of South Africa:

South Africa remains under lockdown with restrictions on flights travelling internationally. For this reason it is important to note that while the South African Postal (“snail mail ”) service is still operating, postal delivery is only available to the following selected countries outside of South Africa:

- Argentina

- Austria

- Botswana

- Canada

- China

- Czech Republic

- France

- Great Britain (including England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland)

- Hong Kong

- Hungary

- India

- Israel

- Italy

- Japan

- Lesotho

- Mozambique

- Namibia

- Netherlands

- Peru

- Poland

- Romania

- Russia

- Seychelles

- Singapore

- South Korea

- Spain

- Sweden

- Switzerland

- Thailand

- United Arab Emirates (Including Dubai)

- United States of America.

If your country is not on the list above, then orders will be held until such time as postal transit to your country opens (this can take several months and is unfortunately outside of our control).

Customers should note that cargo space on international flights out of South Africa has been severely limited, and available flights are also irregular. As a result, both mail and courier delivery times are even more unpredictable than usual.

Our recommendation to international customers has always been to rather select COURIER delivery where possible, because this is a much more efficient service (especially during the current pandemic).


For local customers in South Africa:

As an alternative available to customers in or near the east rand of Johannesburg, we will allow a “Curb – Side“  pick up if you would like to collect an order. Orders must be paid for and confirmed prior to collection to avoid all unnecessary contact, and STRICT social distancing and hygiene protocols will be in place.

Customers are requested to wear a cloth mask as mandated by government, and to not exit their vehicles. Please whatsapp or email us if you would like more details on this option.

Alternately our domestic delivery options remain available.

We currently courier to your door, send parcels using postnet, or PEP paxi service. You do also have the option to arrange your own courier company to collect from us if preferred.

ScopeStickers is doing our utmost to ensure hands are constantly sanitized and that masks are worn at all times while working with stock. Orders are also packaged in sealed envelopes to preserve hygiene, however customers are encouraged to still exercise care when receiving their parcels, and carefully dispose of all packaging material (as we cannot account for what happens to a parcel once it leaves our premises).

It is important to note the South African Government has implemented a risk based strategy in respect of ongoing lock down protocols.

This means that infection levels are actively monitored, and lock down restrictions are either increased or decreased depending on the severity of infection levels within a given area. IE: things can change at anytime!

Orders must be submitted via our website and paid for electronically before we will be permitted to process them.

If you have a query or would like to raise a concern, please email us and we will do our best to assist you.

Yours Faithfully,




Call or Whatsapp: +27 84 885 7880