Airgun Turret Label Instructions

Scope Stickers ( 2017/00634 ) are an affordable, super-fast and convenient way to dial in precise distances while hunting or target shooting. There is no need to carry a separate reference card in the field.


Instruction video courtesy of Airgun101



Before applying your ScopeStickers it is imperative that the trajectory of your pellet is confirmed on the shooting / target range.

We recommend using a chronograph, and ballistics calculator (such as Chairgun) to establish the likely points of impact, at the distances that you would like to label onto your turret using ScopeStickers.

Once you have confirmed your ranges and points of impact (including any deviations), then you are ready to apply your ScopeStickers!

First prepare your turret by thoroughly cleaning and drying the surface where you intend to stick your labels. If your turret can be easily removed, then doing so will assist in the handling and application of your ScopeStickers.

Ensure that ScopeStickers are always applied in a warm room. Cold conditions can result in the labels being difficult to remove from the backing paper, or even render the adhesive non-responsive.

Carefully peel the individual labels away from the backing sheet. Often a craft blade or pair of tweezers can be helpful to avoid damaging the labels during the peeling process.

Then neatly apply the labels to the correct adjustment points on your scope turret, while taking care to ensure they are straight.

During application each label must also be pressed FIRMLY into place and held for several seconds to ensure proper adhesion (simply peeling and sticking lightly will not set them in place).

Lastly, you may apply a clear tape to the exterior of your turret in order to protect the stickers for a longer period of time (this is however optional as the labels are made of durable weather resistant material).