School & Stationary Name Labels (A3 - 125 labels)

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A standard set of name labels for school stationary, or books. Simply email us the name to be used upon checkout.

This set of labels comes in a standard A3 sized sheet and includes:


1cm x 3cm labels (qty: 48)

Great for pens, pencils, highlighters or other small items of stationary


1.5cm x 4.5cm (qty:51)

Slightly larger labels for glue sticks, juice bottles, rulers or anywhere else you may need them!


2cm x 10cm labels (qty:26)

These are perfect for labeling text books, work books, or lunch boxes etc.


A grand total of 125 name labels per sheet


All our name labels are waterproof, and capable of withstanding several washes (even in the dishwasher). They are durable and made to last!